About Flower Essences and Aromatherapy

Modern physics has known for nearly a century that matter and consciousness are intertwined. To understand how Florique formulas works requires a recognition that human beings are more than a physical body—that we incorporate life energy, sensitivity, feelings, and a spiritual essence or Self. The essences interact with the body and mind and evoke responses within us, in a similar way inspirational music or art carry meaning through the vehicle of sound or light; flower essences work through the medium of water; and aromatherapy is activated through a carrier base. An interesting example of this is from the 1990s experiments of Dr. Masaru Emoto, who observed the effect of words, music and the environment on frozen crystalline water. Dr. Emoto’s photos of water exposed to different variables, exceptionally positive and darkly negative, are nothing short of remarkable. Water samples from a pure mountain stream appeared as beautifully-shaped geometric design, while the structures from a polluted water source were distorted and randomly formed.

Is There any Proof that They Work?

Flower Essences and aromatherapy were originally discovered through an intuitive observation of the plants from which the essences are made—the qualities of the flowers corresponded with specific human emotional patterns. These markers have been and continue to be tested in clinical settings by natural health practitioners. Through ongoing investigation their healing properties are documented through a type of clinical study called “empirical research,” which is based on years of observation and experience. It is the primary method by which homeopathic remedies have been verified over the last two centuries.

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Are Flower Essences Safe?

One of the most important aspects of Flower Essences is that they do not affect us biochemically the way traditional allopathic medicines do. They work to create a positive awareness that can clear emotional blocks; they have the possibility of mitigating some of the psychological effects attributed to allopathic medicine. Both systems complement each other wonderfully.

Since flower essences work by resonance, an essence that does not relate to your challenge will simply not stimulate a response within you. You also don’t have to be concerned about plant, flower, or tree allergies; each essence is the energetic imprint of the flower, harvested from its life force energy, so there is nothing inherent in it to cause an adverse reaction.

When we truly understand that Flower Essences do not cause any negative physical or emotional reactions, and we allow ourselves to address latent and current life issues, we can develop a positive spirit that fosters transformation at the deepest level.