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—Jac O’Keeffe, Spiritual Teacher and Author (St. Augustine, FL) The “Sleep” formula is fabulous for bringing me back into sleep when I wake up during the night. When I wake during the night it can take up to 90 minutes plus to fall back to sleep and some nights I don’t even fall asleep for the second time. Now, I place “Sleep” on my wrist and I go to sleep within minutes. I love the smell and sometimes place my wrist in front of my face, drifting off with the delightful aroma. What a gift it is to discover this natural product. “Sleep” has changed my ability to sleep through the night.

—Nancy Copen, Marketing Professional (Santa Rosa, CA) I needed some help with sleep and was looking for a natural product. I’ve been happily using “Sleep” for a few months now. I drift off into a peaceful sleep and if I wake up in the middle of the night another application does the trick. I especially love the lavender scent and the fact that I wake up refreshed because there are no strong chemical components in this rollon. Since I had such a good result with “Sleep,” I decided to give “Uplift” to my husband Peter, who is president of an educational nonprofit organization, to help him manage day-to-day stress. He keeps the product on his office desk and applies some when he feels overwhelmed. He remarked that he was not sure how it works, but he really feels it gives him an extra boost of calm, which helps him through his very busy day.

—Nesta Aharoni, Book Editor and Author (Tampa, FL) What do most people need when they speak publicly? A sense of calm and contentment. And that’s exactly what “Confidence” healing formula does for me. Whenever I speak in front a live radio or TV audience you can bet that I take my flower essence combination with me. After I spread a little on my wrists the nervous edge disappears and my words flow naturally. The greatest comment I received after my last TV appearance was this: ‘You looked so calm.’ Thank you; the “Confidence” formula has helped me conquer an ancient fear.
     My husband’s mind never rests, even when he is trying to sleep at night. When I found out about the “Sleep” formula I immediately ordered it for him. He put some on his wrists and climbed into bed. That night I did not hear him tossing and turning, as was his practice. The next morning, I asked him how he slept. This was his response: ‘I slept well, straight through the night.’ Remarkable! We were so pleased. “Sleep” is now part of his nighttime routine and he is a happier and more productive man because of it.

—Alice Kerker, Business Owner (Ft. Lauderdale, FL) I’ve used “Glow” regularly with great success and love to share it with friends and family. Many products I have used have so many chemicals, which create more problems on my sensitive skin, I can trust “Glow” and what a lovely scent, too!

—Dr. Scott Faro, Neuroradiologist (Collingswood, NJ) My daughter has many emotional and physical issues that we are dealing with and she is on a host of strong, allopathic drugs to keep her symptoms at bay. When my wife came home with the “Change” product I was skeptical. She said it wouldn’t interfere with her other medications and couldn’t hurt to give it a try. We apply “Change” when our daughter is in the middle of an OCD “episode;” it helps to immediately calm her down and get her back on track. She continues to take all her regular medication, but the addition of this natural formula is a Godsend.

—Chetna Bhatt, Fashion Designer and Yoga Teacher (Solana Beach, CA) I had a consultation with Joan Greenblatt to help me through a specific personal trauma. The consultation was helpful itself, but the rollon, “Just for You,” was a Godsend, I couldn’t have gotten through it without it. 

—Gary Elliot, Voice Over Actor (Carlsbad, CA) “Mindful” is a powerful addition to my morning routine, I find it very peaceful and calming. I recommend this product for anyone who meditates or for Yoga.

[su_testimonial name=”—Sandy Martin, Potter (Solana Beach, CA)  I have been using the “Change” and “Uplift” product regularly. It has helped me gain greater perspective regarding changes in my life and my work. My life has now taken a much more positive course. These products remind me of the old Brylcream jingle that goes, “A little dab’ll do ya.

—Shelby Asch, Employment Recruiter (San Marcos, CA) I found myself in very challenging life circumstances and had difficulty navigating through a specific situation I had little control over. At the recommendation of a friend I began to use the “Fearless” formula on a daily basis. It’s very effective in helping me face the anxiety related to career challenges and what the future may bring.

—Laura Schmucker, Landscape Designer (Escondido, CA) I’ve been under an almost unbearable amount of stress both with my personal and professional life and I’ve found my optimism straining, waning, and unattainable. “Uplift” gave me took the edge off my feelings of despair and incapability. It let me draw upon my own wisdom and patience—these essences are subtle and effective. I am forever grateful.

—Judith Liu, Ph.D., Professor at UC San Diego (Point Loma, CA) It was a particularly brutal time at work for me causing tremendous anxiety and insomnia. If I was fortunate enough to finally fall asleep, I would awaken early in the morning and be unable to fall back to sleep. Night after night, my condition continued to worsen, so much so, that I finally sought the aid of “Sleep,” which helped other friends with this issue. Within one week it had made an enormous impact. I was finally sleeping and my stress levels were down. While a skeptic might argue that the essences and aromatherapy are merely a metaphysical response to my belief in them, they worked for me when over-the-counter sleeping aids did nothing. I strongly recommend it.

—Phyllis Kahaney, Ph.D., Life Coach (Alpine, CA) I use “Sleep” and “Change” formulas and each and every time I am helped immensely. I recommend “Florique Essences” without any equivocation.

—Matt Greene, Web Developer (Sarasota, FL) During my travels I experienced extreme jet lag lasting a full week, bringing with it great unease. I stumbled upon “Travel” and thought I’d try it on my next adventure, “voila” it worked and I have never left home without it since.