Everything is Happiness

“Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life,
the whole aim and end of human existence”

What Really Makes People Happy?
Everything is happiness. We certainly know what makes us unhappy but when it comes to happiness it often seems fleeting and temporary. As a human race, after a spell of happiness we seem to be just an event away from landing back into the illusive realm of unhappiness. It’s like observing a cloudy day but failing to acknowledge the sun always hidden behind the clouds. Or the Jewish mother lament and superstition, which is, “Oy, if I talk about my happiness it may be taken away.”

This seesaw of happiness and unhappiness goes on all the time; we often perceive, on the surface, what we want from the situation we find ourselves in, creating concept upon concept. If we could turn both happiness and unhappiness inside out or simply see them in a new light, then the unhappiness we think we have lost is transformed into the happiness which has always been with us.

“I don’t let go of concepts – I meet them with understanding.
Then they let go of me.”
—Byron Katie

The Four Questions
The teacher Byron Katie has an exercise she calls, “The Work.” Her method of inquiry is based on four simple questions and the process is called a “turnaround.” When a specific problem arises we can frame it with these questions:
1. Is it true?
2. Can you absolutely know that it’s true?
3. How do you react, what happens, when you believe that thought?
4. Who would you be without the thought?

When engaging in this inquiry keep in mind a belief or thought related to the specific topic that has or is causing anxiety or unhappiness. A good way to proceed with this experiment is to write down the question and the responses that come from asking each question. After answering the first three questions, the thought which was causing your unhappiness is literally turned around to its opposite, with the last question of, “Who would you be without this thought?” A simple summary of Katie’s work is: “Judge your neighbor, write it down. Ask four questions, turn it around.” This method helps to unravel the “so-called” problem, without adding a new one. In the end, when the “thought” no longer bothers us—happiness is the natural result. It’s simply a new way of seeing. And this is not a new concept. Buddha, Lao-Tzu and Socrates spoke of living in the present without regretting the past or anticipating the future.

“Where are you? Here. What time is it? Now.
What are you? This moment.”

“If things do not turn out as we wish,
wish for them to turn out as they do.”

The Healing Power of Flowers
Through the years I have worked with a variety of healing creams that can help one remain happy and present. The creams include a variety of Flower Essences and Ayurvedic Attars that bring us back to the place we have always been but just forgot. It’s the place where we stop complaining, resisting, or trying to change, the place where we are free to just be. And what a relief it is. Why carry luggage on our head as we drive in our car, when we can simple deposit it in the trunk and let the car take the burden.

We may not be used being in this state of natural happiness because stress has become our normal home. But we have all experienced moments of peace, when the mind’s problems stop its silly dance and it’s in those moments of being present, when happiness floods us like a river.

“Happiness is a butterfly, when pursued, is just out of grasp.
If you sit down quietly, may alight upon you.”
—Nathaniel Hawthorne

It has been my own life-long experiment to find happiness in whatever comes. And my own life with Flower Essences has been a helpful key to unlocking this gift. Nature, from which all arises, has also supplied us with its amazing healing balms. I have found that people often give up on Flower Essences just when they are beginning to work. This always puzzles me. Using them takes energy, effort, and consistency. As my appreciation of Flower Essences has grown and transformed through the years, you might just say I am a Flower Essence lotus-eater. I guess that’s true because I have seen, first-hand, its daily gifts and power.

“Each flower is a soul opening out to nature.”
—Gérard de Nerval

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