Navigating the Mind Fields of Daily Stress

“If you ask what is the single most important key to longevity,
I would have to say, ‘avoiding worry, stress, and tension.’
And if you didn’t ask me, I’d still have to say it.”
—George F. Burns

A Flower Essence Experience
As a flower essence practitioner and aromatherapist, Anna Marie came to me with blinding headaches; the first question I asked was what was going on in her life. As we talked she revealed her issues were three-fold and all related to financial difficulties. As a freelance interior designer jobs were slowing down while the bills kept on coming, her husband was on medical leave, and there was no telling when or if he would be able to work again and to top it all off her son was still in college and the money was running out. I had no specific answers for her life issues; they would have to resolve themselves. But we did some exercises to put these challenges into perspective. We took a piece of paper and wrote down the possibilities of how to bring in more money and how to downsize her bills and then the last thing we did was write down the worse case scenario and how she could live and work through it. This effort was done to work on her sense of helplessness, she felt she was in a hole and there was no way out. Through this exercise she discovered a number of things she actually could do. In the immediate moment what she really needed was to reduce the stress in her life that was debilitating her body and mind, compounding everything. The last thing she wanted was to add drugs to the mix, that’s the reason she came to me in the first place.

“Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are.”
—Chinese Proverb

A Perfect Solution for Stress Reduction
Flower Essences can help diminish stress levels so that you can move forward in your life and once stress in under control the immune system is restored; harmony and balance is reestablished. I worked with Anamarie giving her a number of flower essences for anxiety, exhaustion, excessive worry and helplessness. I also added aromatherapy and some powerful stress relief practices as a holistic complimentary therapy. Within two weeks, she was feeling better, more positive and her headaches were slowly fading away. She was able to implement some of the marketing strategies we explored to get her freelance work back on track. The main result was that she began to accept her challenges rather than resist and combat them.

Especially, in today’s uncertain times, we can all relate to the fact that stress can literally wreak havoc on aour body’s systems. Yet, with new and emerging wellness options and alternative complimentary paradigms we can make healthier lifestyle choices and discover an enhanced quality of life to face any challenges that may come our way.

Flower Essences to Help with Stress
Flower Essences are herbal infusions that uniquely address emotional and mental aspects of wellness. In simple terms, it is a tincture harvested from nature; an imprint of its core essence. Essences fortify, support, and stabilize one’s emotions. The results range from renewed energy and the ability to identify new insights in a positive way.


“With subtly developed body awareness, it is possible for the individual
to become the conscious orchestrator of health.”
—Jean Houston

Aromatherapy to Head-Off Stress
Essential oils are inhaled into the respiratory and olfactory systems offering psychological and physical therapeutic benefits. The aroma of a natural essential oil stimulates the brain to trigger a reaction.

Orange: The scent of orange helps to promote calm and relaxation. In one study, when the essential oil of orange was diffused into the air it was found to have a relaxing effect on people in a dentist’s waiting room. This was compared to a control group who sat in the waiting room without any aroma. It was also noted that women, in particular, felt lower levels of anxiety and a more positive mood when exposed to the orange oil. Hint: For an afternoon snack, peel an orange. Before eating the orange and discarding the peel, take a good, long whiff of the strong aroma that emanates from the pith inside of the peel, which contains its essential oil.

Lavender: One of the best oils for heading off stress is lavender. It has been found to increase alpha waves (found in adults who are in a relaxed state), in those people who inhaled the essence of lavender. In one study the individuals who received the lavender treatment were more relaxed and calm. In another controlled trial in Ireland, it was found that long-stay neurology hospital patients felt less psychological distress and improved moods when they used the aromatherapy treatment, which included lavender, as well as tea tree, and rosemary.
Hint: Keep lavender hand cream in your workspace or burn lavender candles.

Take an Aromatherapy Break
In times of stress if you take a few deep breaths while inhaling a soothing essential oil it can produce an almost immediate sense of calm and relaxation. For a quick and simple aromatherapy break put a drop of a single essential oil or a blend onto a tissue and inhale.

Managing Stress through Conscious Awareness
In the 1970s the philosopher J. Krishnamurti coined the terms “the observer” and “the observed.” Becoming the observer of life rather than its prisoner is very liberating. When we become the observer we let go of our intense attachments and step back to simply observe without judgment and labeling. It may not be easy at first since we have been conditioned to label and judge from our earliest childhood. But we can begin to make the practice of observing a natural habit.

“Breathe. Let go. And remind yourself that this very
moment is the only one you know you have for sure.”
—Oprah Winfrey

When you find yourself confronted with a challenge, or before the normal reactions set in, turn it around and see if you can see it from the nonjudgmental perspective of the observer rather than the participant. It’s like sitting in an airport and watching the “show” of people coming and going, witnessing the happy reunions or strained relationships playing out in front of you. But they do not affect you in any way. Make your own life the witness to the play in front of you.

“Knowledge is learning something every day. Wisdom is letting go of something every day.”
—Zen Proverb

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