How to Use the Products

For All Rollons
Shake the bottle to activate the ingredients. Roll on, two or three times at the pulse points, which align with the light veins on the inside of your wrists (diagram on left), you can also apply behind your ears. These are entry points to the rest of your body. Repeat as often as you need to, in general, one or two times a day.

For Sleep Rollon
Follow instructions above, you can repeat throughout the night, if you wake-up at any time.


For Glow Rollon
Shake formula to activate the ingredients. Then following the diagram (on left) and roll on all the indicated areas. After rolling on the specific areas, gently spread (in a light circular motion) with your fingertips throughout your face and neck area, until completely absorbed. You can apply Glow liberally in the morning, before makeup and in the evening after you have removed your makeup. Always apply either makeup or sun lotion with SPF over Glow.


About Organic Jojoba Base Oil:
It’s ideal for any type of skin, since it’s closely related to our natural skin oil and is safe for even the most sensitive and allergy prone skin.

For using Jojoba oil on your face for “Glow” there are additional benefits:
•  It doesn’t clog your pores and leaves the skin free to breathe.
•  It’s a skin regulator, keeping it clear and can help to prevent breakouts.
•  It’s ideal for oily skin, it easily absorbs into the skin, creating a silky, non-greasy effect.